A street artist, NYC [USA]

Every morning, Jakob sits on the place near the ferry pier, the same ferry that take the tourist for a free tour towards Lady Liberty. His trick is street art, and it only happens in Big Apple, at least that is what he believed. He was born in Roma, Kentucky, one of this quiet and boring towns where nobody encourages this way of life. A healthy dose of full of shit religion, an ostentatious wealth and all the dust under the carpet.

Jakob is gifted for the giant portraits, that you can discover under a certain angle when you climb at the top of buildings, or when you walk on the other side of Brooklyn Bridge.

Yet he has to pay the dormitory bed in Harlem Backpackers Youth Hostel, and the price is the same as for a three-rooms appartment in Roma…so for the moment, he sells to tourists bomb-painted landscapes, futurist visions of the city that appear from nowhere under the astonished eyes of people in the street, in a few seconds. They say “he has a special talent”, even if he is far from being the only one to produce this kind of minor piece of art. He sees this as a failure, like an asian artist who paints names on a rice grain, he feels a bit ridiculous…

Than he tells to himself that it is just a mean, his real life is not there, as most of us.

A street artist, NYC [USA]

A street artist, NYC [USA]


Je joue à l'écrivain avec ces articles qui mêlent histoires et images et sont le reflet de mes émotions de voyages : mes RAW-TRIP STORIES. Les textes sont à considérer comme des fictions et, même s’ils sont inspirés par nos rencontres, nos ressentis, toute ressemblance avec une personne existante ou ayant existé ne serait, franchement, que pure coïncidence.

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